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"To us you’re more than a booking number"

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What is the Travel Valet?

The Travel Valet is a fresh take on vacation planning. We understand that researching and planning your next travel adventure can often be overwhelming, and in many cases downright frustrating.

Bid farewell to visiting a plethora of travel sites, reading questionable reviews, researching what to pack, see, do and eat.

Say hello to a personal travel planning process that puts you the traveller back in the driver's seat.

Most Online Travel Agencies See you like this:
Booking Number 993939393

We see you like this:

Our Formula

Say Where you want to go? You then receive a personally curated travel feed about the place or places you're thinking of jet setting. Say goodbye to endless googling. All the travel information you desire is in a single location and pushed to your travel feed continuously. Travel deals, videos, travel tips, things to do, you name it, just check your feed daily to feed that inner wanderlust.

So Where to you want to go? »

"Travel is an art, and we help you compose it"

Powered by real humans

"Our highly trained destination experts collaborate with you on every detail of your upcoming trip. Whether you're embarking on a once in a lifetime Alaska cruise, crossing things off your bucket list or hitting the beach in Punta Cana, your travel consultant will be there to ensure you get the best value for your travel dollars."

"Simply say Where you want to Go, and we'll select a destination expert, assign them to your trip, and have them contact you to get planning your next great travel adventure."

Most Online Travel Agencies See you like this:
Booking Number 993939393

We see you like this:

A Travel Assistant on Demand

Sounds good so far right? Let us provide you with one more resource that will not only save you time and money but, in most cases make a good trip an awesome one. A travel assistant at your beck and call. Want a list of the best vegan restaurants in New York? You wouldn't want to miss out on the best place for deep dish in Chicago would you? Just Instant message or text your travel assistant at any time.

So Where to you want to go? »

We are Rejuvia Travel, allow our travel professionals to power your next great travel adventure

"Your service was first class all the way! A superb example of true professionalism. Flight and hotel packages on time and handled without stress all because of You!"


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